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SMA/PDP: Personality Profile Based Personnel Hiring System

SMA has partnered with Professional Dynametrics Programming (PDP) to offer clients a state-of-the-art personality profile based hiring, training and team building personnel system.

SMA consultants have become certified administrators of the PDP system. Builder clients from across the country are benefiting from improved personnel hiring and management because of SMA’s usage of the PDP ProScan, Job Modeling and Team Building surveys and systems.

The following 29 minute video will go into much more detail on the system. If you are interesed in personality based hiring and have the time we recommend giving it a watch.

The survey form in this video can be found HERE.

PDP SURVEY and REPORT Descriptions


The ProScan survey is a fast (takes approximately 10 minutes to administer), reliable (over 96% accuracy rate), and affordable method of measuring the intensity of an individual’s four basic personality traits. It discovers the strongest trait (responsible for 50% or more of an individual’s behavior) and measures the relationship of these traits to one another to discover the “personality profile” of the individual employee or job applicant.

This profile tells us a wealth of information about the individual including . . .

  1. Strengths and weaknesses Sources of motivation Energy level
  2. Current satisfaction level
  3. Sources of stress
  4. Type of job this person most naturally fits into

It gives us this information by measuring the intensity of the four traits.

  1. Dominance – The Control Trait
  2. Extroversion – The Social Trait
  3. Pace – The Patience and Perseverance Trait
  4. Conformity – The Detail Orientation Trait

Improve your hiring process, resolve team communication problems, lower overhead and match the right people to the right job.

Sounds too good to be true, Professional Dynametrics Programming (PDP) and SMA Consulting have combined to do all of the above. Builders, contractors and developers often underemphasize human resource management and training.

SMA Consulting identified this weakness and they have become certified and licensed PDP consultants, trained in the areas of personality trait recognition and personality profile development. By using PDP’s survey and reporting system, SMA can help managers determine the personality profiles and the types of jobs any team member or job applicant is most suited to hold.

Two Main Uses for Personality Profile Systems:

Builders are using the PDP system for two main uses…

  1. Hiring and comparing applicants to job models created to identify the ideal candidate for success in the position

  2. Team building and staff communications improvement for existing staff members.

In short, PDP helps match each person to the job most closely matching his or her personality. This keeps individuals more productive as they are working within their natural comfort zone. This is a useful tool in evaluating your existing staff and is crucial in evaluating applicants for job openings.

Additionally, PDP allows existing team members to gain a better understanding of why they and their co-workers individually behave the way they do. PDP teaches us how to communicate with others who have a personality style different from our own. This increases understanding and helps avoid common personality conflict problems.

Call or e-mail Bob Whitten 407/447-5209 x1010 or for more information or to begin using the system that will make hiring and managing your team easier and more productive.  Don’t delay!  PDP has the answers!

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