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Coaching Groups

The program is designed to form groups of builders (up to 12–14 companies) from non-competing markets with similar business models and near term goals. An SMA Senior Consultant is assigned as the Group Coach for each group.

Sample groups have been formed consisting of custom builders, production builders, on your lot (OYL) builders and small volume portfolio (using their own sets of plans and model homes) builders. When forming a new group, we look for an initial set of 5 builders who agree to be the founding members and driving force of the newly formed group.

The groups, typically, have the following goals…

  1. Share common information on problems, success strategies and create a synergy that would take an individual company much longer to cultivate.
  2. Become more systems oriented (the SMA specialty)
  3. Develop a more efficient approach to product development, sales and purchasing
  4. Build a business around the correct principles of financial, personnel and operations management.
  5. Use the SMA industry professionals as their “coaching staff”.

The group would accomplish these goals by…

  1. Meeting twice per year, typically once in Orlando, FL at the SMA training headquarters, to exchange ideas and receive training. The meetings are projected to last for two days
  2. Meet once per month on a group conference call with the assigned SMA Group Coach to report progress on a specific agenda items and to gain insights and advice from fellow coaching group members and SMA.
  3. Once each quarter each group member will share certain financial and operational results from their company so that a quarterly benchmarking and growth meeting can take place via conference call and internet meeting.
  4. There is a continual exchange of e-mail and phone ideas amongst group members and SMA Group Coach.
  5. Continual training and monitoring of progress by the SMA Group Coach and the SMA consulting team is a vital part of this program.

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