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Online Financial Management Workshop

SMA iNHSS Summit

April 6, 13 & May 4, 11 2023 | 2:30 PM US Eastern Time

Four 90 Minute Online Class

Online classes are held at 2:30PM US Eastern Time for 90 minuites on each scheduled day. Classes are limited to 10 companies - $699/company.

In this financial management workshop for company bookkeepers, controllers and company owners & managers, we will spend our time on the following agenda:

  1. Metrics & the Role of the Controller/Bookkeeper

  2. Financial Reporting

  3. Cash Flow Margin vs. markup and pricing formulas for profitability

  4. Operational Reporting & Uses

  5. Accounting Basics:
    1. The NAHB Homebuilder Chart of Accounts
    2. Income recognition methods for homebuilders
    3. How to avoid expense allocations
    4. Common month end and year end journal entries
    5. The best hard copy and electronic filing system for homebuilders

  6. Booking lot purchases, loan set ups and home closings.

  7. Why to keep land activity in a separate entity/division as much as possible.

  8. The timing of your month-end financial statements
    1. Reconciliations

  9. Overview of annual budgeting process

  10. Pricing strategies for homebuilders and an…

  11. Overview of a closed loop PO system.

The SMA financial management experts will lead attendees through the basics of a best practices homebuilder management accounting system. The session concludes with the topics of purchase order usage and budgeting. We limit attendees to 10 in this workshop to keep the presentation personal and the discussion centered on your needs as much as possible. This program is software neutral (although we do use QuickBooks as our example software). Whether you are an accounts payable manager or a CPA level controller we will reinforce the best practices of homebuilder management accounting.

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