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SMA Consulting’s One on One Direct Consulting Programs


  1. The Starter Program: This program features a once per month formal consulting call between Bob Whitten of SMA Consulting and owner or owner’s appointee of the client homebuilding company. In this monthly 60-75-minute session, the builder provides an agenda for the call 2-5 business days in advance of the monthly call.  The call is scheduled at a consistent week of the month, day of the week and time of the day for efficiency in scheduling.  A reasonable level of email and additional phone support is made available via each of the direct consulting programs.

    1. This program is designed either the builder just starting a consulting relationship with SMA or for a more established client who has a specific topical area they want to concentrate on for a specified period.
    2. All programs listed include the availability, as a client, of the following SMA products and services.

      1. SMA Budgeting spreadsheets
      2. SMA Procedure Manuals
        1. HR Manual Template
        2. Purchasing Best Practices
        3. Template Super Training Manual

The price for this program is $699/month billed quarterly, payable via credit/debit card (after first month of each quarter) or check (in advance of each quarter commencement).

  1. The Advisory Board Program: This program features twice per month formal consulting call:  Call one (in first half of each month) is as above with agenda coordinated my mutual agreement of builder and SMA Associate.  Call number two (in second half of each month) will have client monthly financial report review as the primary agenda focus.  The frequency of these calls and the continued interaction between calls allows Bob to become quite familiar with the client’s staff, product, and business model. SMA will provide several financial statement formats for the client to follow.  Delivery of finished financial reports is due 2-5 business days prior to the second monthly call.  All other inclusion, including the need to lease and use Madera CM software (with minimum of weekly maintenance) is included in direct Advisory Board Consulting program.  Many refer to Bob as an at distance member of their management team while on this program.

    1. This is a great program for continuing assistance from Bob Whitten and SMA. This is our most stable program and several clients have been on this program for 10+ years.

The price for this program is $1,100/month billed monthly (via credit card on the 10th of each month) or check (delivery by the 10th of each month)

  1. The Management Assistance Program: This program features three to four formal calls per month (can be and most often are with a variety of client management team members).   The calls are themed i.e. (1 financial call per month, 1 HR call per month, 1 call even flow scheduling, etc.).  All other inclusions as in #1 & #2 above.  One annual strategic planning session for client management team, of two day’s duration, in Orlando, FL.  Annual budget assistance based upon Madera CM and financial statement history.

    1. This program is designed for the client who desires Bob’s assistance in the month to month management of the client company. Bob actually can fill roles as at distance CFO, leadership advisor, and sounding board and trainer to department heads in finance, operations, purchasing, etc.

The price for this comprehensive program is $1995/month billed monthly (via credit card on the 10th of each month) or check (delivery by the 10th of each month). 


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