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Online Budgeting Workshop

SMA iNHSS Summit

TBD Q4 2023 | 2:30 PM US Eastern Time
Two 90 Minute Online Class

Online classes are held at 2:30PM US Eastern Time for 90 minuites on each scheduled day. Classes are limited to 10 companies - $599/company

This workshop is designed for company owners, Controllers and CFOs.  You will receive the latest version of the SMA Budgeting and Financial Statement tool as part of your attendance. Many past attendees leave this workshop with their next year’s budget complete of nearly complete. The agenda includes:

  1. Calculating backlog and even flow construction

  2. Income recognition budgeting differences custom builders vs. non-custom

  3. The impact of your backlog and the slot calendar

  4. The three homebuilding budgeting cycles
    1. Sales & Marketing budget
    2. Construction budget
    3. Closing and revenue budget

  5. Implementation of the SMA Budgeting spreadsheet

  6. Payroll budgeting best practices.

  7. Overhead budgeting metrics and best practices

  8. Budget vs. actual financial statements to keep the budget “live”.

  9. Capital budgeting & the impact on the balance sheet

Bring your laptop or Microsoft Excel compatible device as this is an intense hands-on budgeting program.  You will also need your most recent profit and loss statement, detailed to the individual accounts to assist with your overhead budgeting and your current organizational chart or employee list with current base salary information for the payroll budgeting exercise.

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